Denge Kimya is awarded the certificate of EFQM “Recognized for Excellence 5 Star” granted by KALDER

03 Mar 2017

25th Quality Congress realized at Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus Convention Center on November 15th – 16th under the “New Normal” theme was concluded with 2016 Turkey Excellence Awards Ceremony

In order to support the competition between the European companies, EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) awards the corporations which apply this Model in the best manner, with European Excellence Award each year since 1992 to date. European Excellence Award is one of the most reputable three awards given in the business world with respect to “Excellence” together with Deming (Japan) and Malcolm Baldridge (America). The certification in Turkey is carried out by KalDer on behalf of European Foundation for Quality Management.  

Denge Kimya started its management journey with EFQM Excellence Model in 2008. Denge Kimya, which received Committed to Excellence Certificate in 2011, passed through another site assessment in 2014 and received EFQM Recognized for Excellence 3 Star Certificate

In 2016, Denge Kimya was awarded “5 STAR” certificate which corresponds to 500 points and above in Recognized for Excellence category, as a result of the assessment carried out by KalDer evaluation committee on the application document of Denge Kimya and the Site Visit realized on October 20th – 21st.

Denge Kimya received the Recognized for Excellence Certificate on November 16th, 2016, during the 25th Quality Congress realized at Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus Convention Center.

Denge Kimya, acquiring the service concept that makes a difference which is required by its mission and vision, takes firm steps ahead for being a global company together with all its stakeholders as based on the excellence model within the frame of continuous improvement and development approach

We are honored to share this news with our valuable stakeholders.