Denova Bleach is innovative product with special formulation that actives the hydrogen peroxide at low temperature and reduces the amount of caustic soda at the bath.


    Auxiliary chemical for pretreatment and dyeing process- rapid spreading agent.


    Denova Worker is low temperature washing off agent for reactive dyeing. It is innovative product with special formulation that works at 80 C.


    Denwet PB MAX is an special wetting and desizing agent that can be used in pad- batch and continuous bleaching process.


    Densoft Best is a hydrophilic silicone, it's formulated with innovative silicone oils. It gives softness, slipperiness and elastic handy touch to the fabric.

We are in 29th National Chemistry Congress.

30 May 2017

Denge Innovation and Science Center Started its Activities!

03 Mar 2017

Denge Kimya is awarded the certificate of EFQM “Recognized for Excellence 5 Star” granted by KALDER

03 Mar 2017

Children & Denge Akedom….

27 Jan 2016

Our Denge Akedom works….

27 Jan 2016

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We are here for the best.

We are offering the most appropriate solutions for all auxiliary chemicals required by the textile finishing sector, thus we are the most significant solution partner in the sector with our advanced production facilities, technological investments, R&D works we carry on since our establishment and with our after-sale expert staff.

While our continuously investigating R&D center enables us to manufacture quality and performance oriented products, we are providing excellent solutions for the sector by means of our expert staff.


Denge Kimya is just at the heart of life. Track this life from our window.
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